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Business Strategy

Make More Money

Increase your income by identifying immediate growth opportunities. Together, we will uncover new ways to achieve your goals and boost your profits.

Save Time

Have more time for what matters most. We will find ways to improve your businesses efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Build Trust

Trust leads to repeat business and recommendations. Let’s make your company one that people love to buy from and talk about.

Consulting Services

Tactics For Today

Need quick results? Let’s talk about the biggest challenges you have today and how you can overcome them.

Time Estimate:
1-4 Hours


Long-Term Strategy

We will create a clear plan to meet your long-term business needs. A long-term strategy will be created with goals and metrics in place to properly measure success.

Time Estimate:
5-8 Hours


One-on-One Coaching

Do you need a short term business partner? I will join your team and make an immediate impact on your day to day business. We will create tactics for today, a long-term strategy, and work with you and your employees to transform your business.

Time Estimate:
8+ Hours

$800 per day



Book A Consultation

The first step is to book a thirty minute free consultation.
During this initial call we will discuss your current business  needs and challenges and decide what the best next steps are.


Business Roadmap

A detailed business roadmap will be created for you and your business, outlining agreed upon tactics and strategies to achieve your business goals.


Implement Strategies

Need help implementing your business roadmap? Together, we will implement the strategies you agree on to help your business thrive.

About Me

I have helped many companies save time and money, from large corporations such as UPS and GDIT, to small businesses like used bookstores and comic shops. I love making businesses more efficient and profitable.

I am also pioneer in e-Sports. As a member of one of the first top online teams I developed the strategies and tactics that led us to the top. I can do the same for your business.

I want your business to succeed, and I will do my best to make that happen.


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I do not share or sell any information you give me unless you explicitly ask me to.

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